Reflection and the need to slow down

This last month has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. As a person who has focused heavily on chasing after her professional goals and figuring out her professional identity in the last few years, I’m learning a difficult lesson: do not put all your eggs in one basket. While I practice this when it comes to my financial investments, I do not practice it when it comes to my personal and professional life.

In this challenging and unpredictable year, I’ve stared at my computer more than I care to admit. My time spent on connecting with others diminished. I’ve put my hopes and dreams in learning and improving as fast as I can. I failed to realize the toll it has had on my mental and physical health. I failed to work on my relationships. I did not pause long enough to ask myself — why? Why am I sprinting when I could just enjoy the scenic, slower paced long run?

In this increasingly noisy world, I fell into the trap of constant improvement at a high cost. I did not take the time to slow down and enjoy weekends with my family while I have the opportunity to do so during the pandemic. Instead, I shut the door to the attic and kept on working, studying and learning. These realizations have been tough to admit.

Now that I know, what will do about it in the upcoming year? In 2021, my goal is to add value right where I am, both in personal and professional life. An equally important goal is to strengthening my existing relationships and invest in a few new relationships.



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